03 Mar

Michele Hewitson interview: David Hartnell

David Hartnell, despite his 40 years of rubbing shoulders with celebrities, lives a fairly staid life, it seems.

Michele Hewitson interview: David Hartnell

Photo / Paul Estcourt

Of course I had my picture taken with the gossip columnist, David Hartnell. Wouldn’t you have? The one thing everyone knows about him is that he has all those photographs of him with famous people and that they are prominently displayed in his house, even in the loo, which is where he keeps what he calls his “wanker’s wall”.

There was no good reason for going to see him except that, as he knows better than almost anyone, flattery will sometimes get you somewhere. In this case it got me into his house and if he regretted the outcome of his sweet-talking, he heroically hid it even when I pointed out that his famous pictures were a bit (a bit!) dusty. “Who cares? As Quentin Crisp said: ‘It doesn’t get any worse after three years!” Read More