07 Dec

Breakfast Coffee with New Zealand Prime Minister John Key

Breakfast Coffee with Prime Minister John Key

Breakfast Coffee with Prime Minister John Key

Last Friday Somboon and I had the pleasure of having a one-on-one breakfast coffee with our New Zealand Prime Minister John Key, at his favourite coffee shop Rosie’s in Parnell Auckland. It wasn’t a political catch-up, in fact quite the opposite, among many things we discussed was his experience on the David Letterman TV show in New York and how David Letterman hates flying. It reminded me he that David has the same fear as Steven Spielberg, who does not fly at all – well only when it’s an absolutely necessary.

Somboon and I were extremely honoured, that Prime Minister Key would take time out of his extremely busy day to have a long over due catch-up with us over an early morning coffee. Can you imagine another Prime Minister around the world doing this — I think not!

On a personal note – I feel that Prime Minister John Key is the best New Zealand Prime Minister in my life time, although I did like the late Sir Robert Muldoon’’s theatrical flair. Over the past 50 years I’ve interviewed international celebrities around the world, I put Prime Minister Key up there with the ones that shone the brightest. This was a morning coffee we will remember for the rest of our lives.

Grown-up’s column Monday 8th December 2014