21 Oct

The Variety Artists Club of New Zealand’s Presidents Medallion

Celebrity journalist and gossip guru David Hartnell MNZM, has been awarded The Variety Artists Club of New Zealand’s Presidents Medallion, along with Gray Bartlett MBE for their services to the club as Patron’s. The medal which is one of their highest awards, acknowledges a lifetime commitment towards excellence in the entertainment world, both here in New Zealand and Internationally. Over many years both these Patron’s have worked tirelessly for the club, the medallion was presented by iconic performer Tom Sharplin who is also the club’s President.

“I’m humbled and honoured to receive such an award, and being presented from my peers makes it extra special. Being the clubs Patron is a great honour and one I take very seriously, being involved with New Zealand entertainers is always fun.” says David.

There has only ever been three “ Variety Artists Club of New Zealand Presidents Medallion’s” awarded in the fifty one years of the clubs history. The third medallion was given to the legendary entertainer Max Merritt who now lives in America. The Variety Artists Club of New Zealand has just celebrated fifty one years and is the premier association for entertainers and performing artists in New Zealand. The club is also the oldest and most prestige’s entertainment club in Australasia.

Sharplin Bartlett Hartnell

Picture: Tom Sharplin, Gray Bartlett MBE and David Hartnell MNZM. October 2017